About CB Design

Founded in 2008 by architects Pablo Hatem and Benjamín Gollan, study CB Design adds more paths that successful partners. The team of international professional experience of its founders and made, also, by young talents of the architectural design, deserved attention and recognition from prestigious firms such as CBC Construction and Classic Builders Designs, to the point of inviting CB Design part of the select group of strategic partners for the region.


We build dreams with passion, creativity and design.


Being a company that is distinguished by its innovative projects, created by a team with passion and excellence.

Pablo Hatem

Pablo Hatem

Test pilot

A born entrepreneur. Went around the world to gain an experience that gave him back his world. Their projections sometimes you away from the earth, hence, from above, his vision is more global. It negocios.Siempre architect and master of risks to new, is a test pilot.

Benjamín Gollan

Benjamín Gollan

Flight Controller

He argues that the secret to success is the people. He is the Chancellor of the company. The diplomacy in dealing with customers and suppliers. Comes more people because trying to understand all points of view. Also, is "Flight controller" Paul.



Concentrated Responsibility

Made in Buenos Aires. He is interested in the social function of architecture. An architect brother caught her professional vocation that has no cure. Stresses the importance of supervision in the construction, more hands-on eyes to the work proposed.


curious designer!

He comes from Baires with passion, innovative ideas and a creative style that applies on any terrain. Although the day is a hurricane obligations ell manages to connect projects with actually making them work. Passionate and organized, ready to overcome any challenge. It has a great curiosity to innovate and try new things, which generates different results. No storm to change his good attitude



Super Designer.

Superpowered for design, Alfredo makes use of all his intellect and generosity to help anyone who summon him to realize their project in the home of your dreams



Administrator bestseller

Dynamic and restless as their profession demands, converts any battle in a chessboard. His critical spirit of occult writer plans strategies for the next game. Always up to the circumstances, temperamental without losing your sense of humor. Tireless companion, Always attentive and predisposed.




Naturally traveler, Photographer by passion. Attentive to every detail, and not only constructive, meet any problem with wit and logic. Nothing stops when something puts you in mind. He knows how to be at the height of buildings!



Day and night

In this case, si se juntan. The magic of the night inspires creativity Facundo. It is the barman of ideas, preparing cocktails with ingredients Loaded inspiration, color, passion and innovation. Living between two worlds that match the architecture.


Poderosos riffs y melodías vuelan junto al diseño dando lugar a soluciones creativas. Dinámico por naturaleza, Nicolás trabaja con la misma intensidad con la que sube a los escenarios junto a su bandaNico



Amante de la fotografía.

La obra es su segundo hogar y se mueve en ella con soltura. Siempre acompañado de su mate, Javier encara todos sus trabajos con la mejor energía y entusiasmo.



El cálculo matemático y la picardía se fusionan para dirigir las torres más imponentes del estudio. El está, siempre esta, observando y coordinando los trabajos, llevándolos a todos a buen puerto. Su buen humor y disposición siempre contagiosa lo convierten en un pilar importante de la estructura del equipoNicolás


Financista Matchpoint

Juan put to use innovative and proactive personality in the administrative sector of the enterprise. Planning goes beyond finance and economic decisions, which provides a good DRIVEA to a dynamic and changing organization. His passion for the economy combined with his restless nature to result in the best financial decisions. It is a true business matchpointJuan


Multifaceted and dynamicAldana

– if not restless – Theirs is the movement, design and good humor. With his infectious smile, She is able to assist in the more cumbersome problems. Ah ...... .co.uk certified makeup artist.